Maxime Vignaud


Maxime Vignaud was introduced to photography by his grandfather, himself a painter and photographer. Originally from Arles, this ‘meeting’ with photography had a huge impact on his artistic vision. Vignaud swiftly became a photography-obsessive, obtaining a CAP in Photography and a BTS in Audiovisual. It is his curiosity that dictates his photographic style, which continually evolves with the passing of time.

I like to think that death is not an end in itself but a renewal of life. It’s a realm that exists parallel to our own, and only those who have passed know how to get there. The ‘Resurrection’ series is a tribute to loved ones taken from us too soon, a testimony to the eternal love we bear for them. My vision, which is both poetic and dreamlike, aims to anchor their presence among us, taking inspiration from the legendary Orpheus.
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