Nathan Soulez-Larivière


From a young age, Nathan Soulez-Larivière developed a keen interest in wildlife. While studying film at the University of Montreal, the image started to become his means of expression, as he explored different regions of the Canadian provinces and the Far North, then Latin America (Peru and Bolivia).  His photographs bear witness to his sensitivity to cultural diversity and the beauty of nature. The pictures brought back from his expeditions comprise his first artistic photographic series.   

The open sea arouses a special emotion in humankind who have become sailors. The fresh wind lightly controls the current, the fusion of water into ice and the rarefied sound of a nature in full rebellion. Everything is there for a moment of escape.
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Welcome to the Ballestas Islands
This series transports you to the Ballestas Islands, an archipelago 15 km off the coast of southern Peru. In this sedimentary rocky outcrop, predators and prey occupy an imperial force both in the air and in the water. The winds and the waves have shaped this landscape, sculpting caves and holes into the cliffside. The discovery of guano on these islands transformed the economy of the nation. In the 19th century, Peruvians began to take advantage of the natural presence of this fertilising substance, exporting it to Europe and North America. The extraction of guano was later regulated at the beginning of the 20th century. Due to its rich marine plant life, the archipelago was proclaimed a protected reserve. The black and white of these photographs represents a desire to preserve the rich history that has shaped these islands in the aesthetic of these images. 
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