Patient line-drawing and personal digression about the potential of consciousness, birthing the ego, and the process of individuation. How can this "I", which I express in a firm, vertical line, emerge from a vibration, the random vibration of basic particles, or from my Fineliner line, which I'm trying to make as regular as possible? This "I" is stretched between a solid gold, into which it anchors its claw, and the etheric line of black ink. This way, each work in the series can be seen as a full-length self-portrait.

Chinese calligraphy creates the "I" by combining two signs: the bow and the hand. My digressions on the origin of Self-awareness persist. In the infinitely small there is no more matter or energy, only information flows, vibrating strings, and it is through my strong vertical gesture that consciousness is asserted, the consciousness that observation, the human hand, brings to light, the power of which will be expressed in the projection of a stone and then an arrow into the distance, allowing our gaze to rise to the horizon. It's this growing monstrous power of the human species that I want to depict in these works, albeit in a small format.

Personal digressions around the notions of consciousness and ego in this patient pattern of convolutions that I'd like to keep as regular as possible. Having reached the bottom of the format, I can finally trace this "I" in a vertical line resolutely stretched between a solid gold and the ripples of black ink. This awareness is also given by the hand which, by throwing a stone and then an arrow into the distance with a bow, has enabled us to look up at the horizon. As the ego becomes more and more assertive, it separates itself from the world, casting a shadow over it, which in turn hides a part of it. Each of the works in this series can thus be seen as a full-length portrait.