In this series, which I've been pursuing for several years, I explore the world of improvisation. First I spread a thick layer of oil paint over the entire surface of the canvas, most of it monochrome. Then I work this mass with a fine spatula, letting myself be carried away by the rhythms and moods of previously chosen music. This work requires deep awareness, in order to pulse with the material, the body and the music. The idea is to remain both open and responsive to the unexpected, during the entire creative act. Some of the works in the series were created on stage, in front of an audience, improvising in duet with a jazz-trained pianist.
The work in this series, "Palimpsests", is based on questioning the components of a work of art hidden by others. Each work matches an enigma that is revealed by breaking free from our own paradigms. On the canvas, I first laid down a back-world, a sequence that I deliberately left unsolved. Like any back-world, immersed subconscious, it disappears behind the screen of reality. Only a few traces remain, the outline of a story. The real is this layer of paint, applied, then dug, scratched, mishandled by the impulses of the moment; we can never return to it, because this impermanence is permeable to the vibrations of light. At the very end I draw the slit, a theme dear to me, this scratch through the entire thickness of the palimpsest, a mirror that allows us to cross the appearance of things and perhaps go back in time to that forever lost back world. In this way, the painting duplicates itself.