What could be more banal around the age of 50 than trying to understand what is essential to our existence and taking a step back from the race we are leading within our society, and try to put this last stage of our existence into perspective. At the same time try to understand this distancing, this frightening but abstract crevice, hence the difficulty of apprehending it, which we continue to constantly enlarge with nature, until the break, which perhaps will bring us to our loss ?
I thus wished to get closer to the elements, the Earth, the Air, the Water and the Wood which are familiar to me and which however I do not look at enough. I observed, contemplated then meditated, I exposed myself, at least I coped without cheating, in order to become one with the moment and these elements. To be with them, to go to the essential, to the simplest, and to be as close as possible to our origins to perhaps be better reborn and perhaps for the first time, to live.
It is this reunion with our origins, this nature, ourselves, that I wanted to share with you.