One day I took the train of life ...
I was between 8 and 10 years old and I had just received a circuit 24 as a Christmas present. The next day, after leaving my uncle and my grandmother, I returned from Lille by compartment train with my parents. It was from this train that my escapes started through the windows where I flew above these kinetic landscapes, as fast as the train since I had just received a racing circuit.
It is also the memory of our 8mm vacation films with my cousins ​​which irremediably emerge superimposed on these landscapes, a bit like a perfume that you smell again, and which brings you back to a specific person, a place or a memory, even a 40-year-old one. These jerky images with their distinctive colors were already a work of art in themselves.
These landscapes of passing trains captivate and transport me, like an endless film through which my memories unfold and are linked with the sensation that an instant lasts five minutes and that a few years pass in a minute. This ends up making me fall half asleep where I wander in dreams to which at one point I wake up, once again, to these threaded landscapes that pass by.