In Motion - 01
Digital work considered as a limited edition photograph of 30 copies, with 40x40 cm: Edition 1/8, 60x60 cm: Edition 1/8, 80x80 cm: Edition 1/8
Original work delivered with a certificate of authenticity made by the Artist
The shipping generally takes up to 7 days depending on the location of the selected work

1000€ Tax incl.

Size of the photograph printed:

Information about work


Digital work printed with the Subligraphy(ChromaLuxe®) technique including a flush-mount aluminum frame in a choice of colors.


Year of Creation


Subligraphy is a very high resolution print. The image is created on aluminium plate, ChromaLuxe®, not simply laminated but using Subligraphy® process, with heat and pressure, the pigments are locked in the lacquer layers. This transfer technique requires high-precision craftsmanship: the ink is permanently frozen in aluminium by condensation. The final product supports an extreme resistance, offering exceptional archival quality.
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