Matheo de Bruvisso

Matheo de Bruvisso


Looking for the shortest way between his will to paint and the work done, Matheo de Bruvisso tries to capture the very origin of the desire, the driving force behind all creative or destructive actions. So the work is a synthesis of its origin and its finality as a single entity, it represents its own reason to exist, it is "a consequence that represents its cause".
From this protean painting, we usually see emerging both the power of disaster and the inexhaustible energy of rebirth, which Matheo likes to acknowledge as a dual nature opposing the forces of Chaos to those of the Cosmos.

While the Forces of Chaos are those of destruction, dissolution or splintering, they are just as essential to life as those of the cosmos, which order, organize and assemble. Only a constant tension between these two poles (cosmos/chaos) makes the experience of life possible. Determined to demonstrate this understanding of the living in his paintings, Matheo reveals the invisible yet so prevalent world, which could be summed up as "a desire to be". As if the entire existence, both in the intimacy of the human being and in the whole universe, was driven by the same life impulse.

With his paintings, Matheo de Bruvisso invites us to dive into our innermost being to discover a powerful potential: our amazing ability to live a rich and intense life, as long as we acknowledge and free the chaotic and cosmic forces at work within us.

Abstract Landscapes
I offer "Abstract Landscapes" that could be understood as different worlds in which the elements are unknown to us and the substance remains mysterious. One feels the manifestation of future forces at work.
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