Harry Ergott


The Austrian painter Harry Ergott takes his inspiration from the proponents of modernism, particularly abstract expressionists, and from studying traditional genres such as portraiture. His paintings represent an accomplished symbiosis of his various artistic influences. Since his studies as a graphic artist, Harry Ergott has drawn on art history and the most varied techniques to find his own way. His journey of self-expression began in music studios, we can say that Musicians shaped him as an artist. He harnesses the melodies of the human form and channels them onto his canvas. In art school Higher Graphical Federal Education and Research Institute of Vienna, he gained an appreciation for the architecture of the human body sculpted into life. His inspiration is coming from the emerging of the Fin-de-Siècle artistic movement as masters set the body free from formalism with a pictorial work based on spontaneity.   

“I’ve been drawing and painting nudes from living models for many years. All these years of practice have allowed me to gain an excellent basis on which to interact with the subject, which sometimes imposes itself and sometimes withdraws.”
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