Mireille Lopez


Mireille Lopez loved writing from her childhood; letters spoke to her. She also drew, escaping into her imagination, cultivating it as she practised. After studying science at university, she qualified as an industrial pharmacist. Her discovery of works by Cy Twombly, Jack Whitten, Frantisek Kupka, Georges Mathieu, Hans Hartung, and Zao Wou-Ki was an artistic revelation that led her to give free rein to her initial creative inclination. 

Colors of the Feeling
A feeling can be associated with a series of colours in a sequence of emotions. It can be bright, joyful, deep, vivid, brilliant, dull, explosive, multiple, harmonious, mixed, superimposed, opaque, transparent, graduated, nuanced, faded or erased, of which this series is the abstract expression.
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Small and Big Blues
Blue for the colour that mark our bodies and souls, some minor, not severe, and others major for us. Our bodies erase these traces, but not our memory. We create shields from these bruises that shape us.
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In this series, I express myself with colours and materials but above all by the words I write on the canvas in “secret” writing. Every word has a meaning; the one I paint just like the one you see is an invitation to dialogue.
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