Charlotte Pivard

Charlotte Pivard


A painter by vocation, Charlotte Pivard began oil painting at a very young age (Martenot Method workshop in Sèvres) and continued her training in technique and art history. Over the years, inspired by the great masters such as Monet, Turner, Cézanne and Millet, the painter has developed a style that oscillates between the abstract and the figurative.

Charlotte Pivard's works stand out for their pictorial technique, texture and composition, which are both fluid and poetic. Nature is revisited, highlighting its complexity but also the essence of its beauty. 

Since 2022, Charlotte Pivard has been President of the Académie Lyonnaise, representing some 100 artists, and has received numerous awards for her artistic work. Her works are regularly exhibited and belong to Private Collections worldwide (Tokyo, NYC, Sydney, San Antonio au Chili, Berlin, Londres, Bruxelles, Paris, Lyon).

A Whisper in the Trees

 « Un murmure dans les Arbres » (A Whisper in the Trees) series sheds light on Nature's fundamental forces. With a singular pictorial poetry, I emphasize the importance of reconnecting with our environment to find our inner balance.

Trees are symbols of resilience and growth, a window into the very essence of their existence: “Trees whisper ancient secrets, and in their abstract dance, they invite us to find peacefulness in the heart of Nature.” Charlotte Pivard

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Emotional dance
Inspired by surrealism, I play with visual contrasts to express a link between the inner and outer worlds, creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and dreamlike. I explore how we manage our emotions and guide them towards well-being. Referring to Magritte, clouds and storms are a visual presentation of human emotions, highlighting the complexity and beauty of our inner world.

The dancers emphasize their symbolic freedom to move in the direction everyone takes according to their own ambitions, paradigms and deep-rooted convictions. An application on your phone allows you to watch the dancer in movement for each work, inviting you to share this moment of grace in complete intimacy.

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My lifelong passion for botany has made water lilies one of my favorite flowers. Indeed, they rise from the water, open in the morning and close at night, like a metaphor for life. My painting draws a line between the immersion of water lilies, in reference to Monet, and the management of heightened emotions. 

I'm also talking about the ability of each of us to bury the dark sides of our lives in the underworld. The use of the “tondo” format underlines the sense of infinity. The majesty of these flowers gives a positive boost to our modern, sometimes hectic lives.

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